Towards A Better Education: Avenues Case Study

Towards A Better Education: Avenues Case Study

Interesting and challenging projects sharpen our skills. Meaningful and aspiring projects bring warmth to our hearts. That’s why it was a privilege working on a project for a school that aims at changing the world and shaping the future with a better education.

Web Design / Brand Book
Branding / Development

Project Overview

The previous Avenues site was built on WordPress and was over six years old. The upkeep and maintenance over the years became complicated. Website Manager at Avenues had pretty much a clear idea about upcoming re-design. He wanted to replace Wordpress with a modern-day web dev architecture that will be under the fray of tech communities for at least 5 years more.

With a major percentage of visits coming from mobile, and with the performance being a weak point previously, he wanted a smooth and fast mobile-friendly website. He also wanted to cut costs and keep development streamlined. Finally, he wanted a simple and elegant CMS that would back up their multilingual request.

Towards A Better Education: Avenues Case Study

Project Results

The current setup turned out to be much more streamlined, cost-effective, and versatile. Although they have not taken advantage of this yet, the ability to have fully separated content and presentation layers with API access opened a new perspective to the Avenues team. They are now looking at how can they expand on this with applications for lobby screens on their campuses. Not having to worry about server infrastructure is a huge bonus.

For most of us at Plentitud learning is an exciting journey that starts with proper education and hopefully lasts a lifetime. Being able to work with people that dedicate their lives to education made our efforts so much more worth the effort.

Towards A Better Education: Avenues Case Study