December 11, 2023

3 design systems you can check out and download for free

3 design systems you can check out and download for free

What exactly is a design system?

A design system presents a collection of all UI resources that a design company may have. These include all code snippets and development resources with necessary code, documentation, page screenshots and image examples, design guidelines, relevant tools, documents and articles, style guides, reusable components and philosophies, and all other digital assets useful for the overall web design workflow.

Why choosing the right design systemis so important

These design systems are then hosted as websites online and can be public and internal, whatever the brand decides.

We can think of a design system as a vast data library that acts as a valuable document with applicable instructions and examples, style guides and coding guidelines, and a part of the UI kit all at the same time.

Google Material Design System

One of the Big Four technology companies, together with Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, Google is a well-known tech giant that focuses on Web services and products, from online advertising and search engine to cloud computing and software.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Apple Human Interface Guidelines present a vast and rather valuable design system resource for the web design essentials and pattern libraries but downloadable templates. The iOS UI kit library is also available with a UXPin account.

The system follows Steve Job’s design principles:

  • Craft with great precision and attention to detail
  • Emphasize user experience and connection with the users
  • Focus on what’s truly important on a larger scale
  • Generate wanted user reactions thanks to the specific design language and practices
  • Utilize the friendly aspect of high tech for both novice and advanced users
  • Simplify everything

One of the most significant benefits of design systems is that such collection of resources, elements, and data minimizes communication issues between designers and developers and minimizes the room for potential UX design bugs.

Atlassian Design System

Atlassian Design System focuses on providing valuable assistance to teams from all over the world by making their collaboration seamless and easy. Atlassian Design Guidelines are also a part of UXPin’s library collection.

Atlassian design philosophy is all about utilizing the digital experience to improve the productivity and overall potential of teams and individual team members, perfectly reflected in their globally used collaboration tools Trello and Jira.

That said, Atlassian Design System features agile practices and efficient tracking of every single step within a project that ultimately yields valuable results in terms of product delivery and development:

  • Design Principles
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Product
  • Illustration
  • Prototyping
  • Marketing
  • Personality

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